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We believe we have a duty to leave the world a better place than we found it. By supporting purpose-driven organizations, campaigns, and causes, we work toward positive progress and making an impact. With our clients and partners, we create outcomes that support self-agency, access to opportunity, higher standards of living, community, and joy.

Verve Creative, at its core, is brand-based strategic project management and execution. We are catalysts who support organizations with big projects that involve audacious goals and lots of moving parts.

At the crossroads of emerging technologies and civic and social empowerment, we have honed a unique capability to cultivate communities and further the public policy and financial objectives of progressive and community-based organizations and campaigns.

Together, we will work with you to reach great new heights and see tangible, data-driven results with ease. Our brilliant minds will keep everything on track so all pieces come together and dove-tail seamlessly. We integrate into your organization to forge a powerful partnership and create clear communication.


Fundraising Strategy

Prepare a solid plan for how to raise more for your cause using Givebutter


Captivate your potential supporters on your campaign pages with the help of professional storytellers and copywriters

Supporter Engagement

Get a plan for engagement that will get you results

Campaign Management

Hire an expert to fully manage all aspects of your Givebutter campaigns, including the set up and management on Givebutter.com


Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your fundraising plan

Email Marketing

Connect with your supporters via email

Fundraising Events

Get help from a fundraising events expert

Givebutter API

Use the Givebutter API to do more on your website or with your app

Graphic Design

Tell your campaign story better with professionally designed graphics

In-Person Events

Get help from an in-person events expert


Host better livestreams with professional help

Online Fundraising

Connect with your supporters where they are - online

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

Empower your most passionate supporters to engage their family, friends, and peers in support of your mission

SEO & Advertising

Optimize your campaigns for success

Virtual Events

Get help from a virtual events expert

Website Design

Integrate Givebutter embeds into your website or get help with more any web design project

Social Media

Engage your community via social media

Video Production

Engage potential supporters better on your campaign pages with professionally produced videos

Hi, I'm

Brooke Wojdynski

Founder of Verve Creative

Brooke is a professional in stakeholder engagement and activation at the local, state, and national levels, with experience in communications, creative design, and digital outreach.

At the crossroads of emerging technology and civic empowerment, she has honed a unique capability to integrate traditional communication models with digital media platforms to further the public policy and financial objectives of Democratic and community-based organizations and candidates. Driven by an instinctively inquisitive mentality, she strives toward strategic growth through innovation in all professional and personal endeavors.

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